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Fashion Magazine Submission List

As a fashion photographer, I know how hard it is to choose the right magazines to submit my work to. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed and leave an editorial unseen by the right magazines. There are so many things to consider! The style of the magazine.. is your work a good fit? When and how will the magazine be distributed? How I want my work to be displayed, seen, and promoted.

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What To Wear To Your Headshot Session

Your headshot photoshoot is booked and now you’re thinking…

What should I wear?!

Choosing the perfect outfit for a professional photoshoot can be stressful! We suggest these top 11 tips to help ease your stress and pick the perfect headshot outfits!

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What To Wear To Your Photoshoot

1. Dress Up!

It might sound obvious, but the most important thing to do is dress up! You have invested time and money into a professional photoshoot and you will want to look your best. Remember…when you look good, you feel good! Your confidence will shine in your photos.
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