2018 Manhattan Beach Holiday Firework Show

Sunday December 9th, Erin and Jake Photography headed down to the shoreline in Manhattan Beach to capture the 2018 Manhattan Beach Holiday Firework Show!

After a long newborn photoshoot, we headed straight down to beach with only 15 minutes to spare! We thought we were going to miss the show altogether because the parking was non-existent. Heading up 5th street, a gentlemen and his wife stopped us in the middle of the road to offer a free place to park in his driveway. If they wouldn’t have been so generous we would missed getting these shots.

A special shoutout to the complete strangers that spread an insane level of holiday cheer and saved our photoshoot with kindness and generosity. Jake is a huge, huge fan of firework photography! Last night had been marked on our calendar for a few weeks, we would have been so bummed to miss it. (We left a thank you note and offered them a free photoshoot of their choosing for saving the day!)

Since Facebook image quality is lacking, here are two of the photos we shared for you to enjoy in high resolution.
Prints from the 2018 Manhattan Beach Holiday Firework Show are available here: https://erinjakephotography.pixieset.com/g/mbfireworks2018/

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

❤ Erin & Jake Photography

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