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80 Tips to Help You Save THOUSANDS of Dollars On Your Wedding!

Want to have the wedding of your dreams without going into major debt? With proper planning, it’s totally possible. Yes, we know many of you have been planning this event in your head for years. Okay, maybe since childhood. But there are ways to get what you want without letting the budget get way out of hand.
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Over the years, Jake and I have learned a lot from our wonderful clients about how they saved money and cut creative corners to afford their must have list. We compiled a pretty long list to help guide you along your wedding planning process. These 80 helpful money-saving wedding tips will help you stretch your big-day budget in order to help you afford the very best of what matters most!

A great place to start is with a list. Prioritize your needs versus wants, make a plan — and stick to it. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you’re happy and relaxed, and not stressed over money.


 –  General  –

1. Want vs. NEED
Make a list of the ‘must haves’ and ‘would like to haves’ – it seems simple but it can be much easier to start eliminating costs when it’s all written down. What facets of your wedding are most important to you? Focus on areas that make your heart go pitter-patter, and you’ll feel okay about skimping on the rest.


2. Don’t Get Carried Away With The Little Extras
Don’t get carried away with extras –    do you really need a sweet table, dessert bar, photo booth, individual place cards, etc etc? More often than not it’s only you and your partner who will notice the little extras. Saving that money will allow you to spend it for your must haves like high-end wedding photography, the perfect wedding band that is a little out of your budget, or extra venue time for your reception.

3. Research. Research. Research.
Not only will research find you the perfect venue, vendors and catering for your special day, it will also help you score great deals and save money for your must-need wedding items such as your professional wedding photography or maybe that dream honeymoon!

4. DIY what you can
Be realistic about what to DIY, and what not to DIY. Sometimes, having to get all the materials yourself and spending the time on the projects costs you more than hiring someone else to make/do it. For example: DIY-ing your flowers is risky and can get expensive fast. Shop wholesale when you can… but a professional knows how to keep them fresh, and will set them up for your wedding.

5. Be clear about your budget.
If vendors know up front what you can spend, they can work with you to achieve what you want.

6. Negotiate!
Lots of unexpected expenses can pop up during planning, including cake-cutting and corkage fees, or power for your DJ and photo booth. If a cost seems unreasonable, respectfully request to have it removed.

 7. Book vendors together utilizing preferred vendors lists.
The wedding business is filled with partnerships. Venues refer brides to certain clients, and clients refer brides to certain venues in return. Ask each vendor if they have a preferred vendors list. Once you have a few of them to compare.. you might find some of your biggest savings here! The Erin & Jake Wedding Photography preferred vendors list can be found in our client welcome book. Contact us for a pdf copy of our  EJ Wedding Client Welcome Book. 

8. Ask family & friends to give a ‘skill’ in place of a gift
i.e. singing at your reception, playing the organ or baking a cake. It’ll make them feel a big part of the day!

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